About Us

My name is Dennis Thomas and thank you for visiting. I am a second generation woodworker and the "Son" of "Thomas & Son Woodworks.” My father, James Thomas, was a master wood carver and shared his love of woodworking with me when I was just a young boy. Since that time, my woodworking has been more of a hobby, creating pieces and projects primarily for my family and friends. In 2015 with the love and encouragement of my wife Tiffany, we began a new chapter in our life by launching this company. It is a tribute to the memory of my father and our shared love of woodworking.

I am blessed to call Warrenton, Oregon my home. It is a small peaceful community and the nearby beaches have provided my family and me with a lifetime of recreation, sustenance, and serenity. Throughout much of the year, the beaches also provide me with driftwood and drift lumber: the medium for my passion. I also use locally reclaimed, repurposed and salvaged wood rescued from old homes, barns, businesses and structures. In particular, I seek out old growth wood that is full of character, with old sawmill kerf marks, signs of hand tool and millwork, nail holes and many more nuisances that bring a uniqueness to each finished piece.